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  • Published June 5, 2012
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There is nothing as exciting and refreshing as making your own Pizzas in Australia in lush green and spacious living space – The Backyard! When it comes to fairly different for your backyard outdoor kitchen and barbecue centers, another novel product that an expert landscaper can recommend you is a wood fired pizza oven.

Let me tell you why, Pizzas baked in wood fired ovens take hardly a minute or two, they are economical, saves money, fun, moreover no need to re-lit as the heat retained in it will be suitable to cook food for long period of time. In short they are just perfect for partying at home when you want to give your best shot at food. And while you are at it, trust me there is not anything like the smell of pizza being cooked in a fire wood oven. It won’t be like those traditional pizzas you get from market or spend hours cooking indoor. These outdoor oven pizzas have been shaped to act as the pizza equivalent of a BBQ grill.

However there are still ways for you to build something as splendid as the pizza oven, how about saving your energy and get what you want off the rack just like that? We at Outback Pizza Ovens have carved such convection ovens which are according to the latest trends and techniques in outdoor home entertainment. For good reason; these attractive pizza ovens can cook anything and adds a totally new experience to cooking out of doors. Folks all over the suburb who enjoy cooking and entertaining outdoors are adding our sleek and sturdy beauties to their patios and back yards. Enjoying their most from cozy family dinners to large parties all centered around these latest trends in oven wood cooking.

Outdoor cooking using wood fire ovens have breathed a new life into the art of cooking. We at Outback Pizza Ovens give you just the type of Wood ovens you have in mind. You can select from a wide variety of styles, designs and conveniences we have integrated in these ovens for you.

Starting with our Little Italy, this lady bird shaped pizza oven has a refractory dome structure with a fire brick floor design. Looks great on a balcony or pool BBQ area and the pizzas produced from it gives you the most delicious taste you might not have had anywhere else. Surprisingly, this wood fire brick oven can produce food for a big crowd – Can bake up to three loaded wood fire pizzas at one time. From appetizers to desserts, you can cook an entire meal in this attractive and special appliance. No need for DIY techniques as we have taken care of it already. Australia wide delivery!

Our second product Smoke and Fire is our top-of-the-line pizza cooker and it amazes and thrills folks with it’s cooking and smoking abilities. This oven and smoker is ideal for the serious home entertainer or the caterer who wants to offer something different and exciting to his or her guests. When you have this fully featured and special appliance at your disposal, you are sure to delight and excite your guests or customers. This is one special unit, as it features not only a pizza oven, but also a smoker. In this metal steel oven, you can create unique and delicious dishes, which can range from appetizers to main dishes and even desserts or bakery items. No DIY needed. This comes all ready to use. We show you pizza oven Brisbane-style cooking that you won’t get anywhere else.

We like that this is a multi-purpose pizza cooker. If you like smoked meats, you can get it from this great wood-fired pizza oven and smoker. If you dream of wood-fired pizzas for Saturday night dinner, this will deliver. Imagine smoked peaches with homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert. We are sure that the Smoke & Fire cooker will delight and amaze you with its versatility and quality cooking abilities.

Then comes our third model named Workhorse because it’s designed to handle whatever you bring it. It’s our largest and deepest oven, so it can cook a wide variety of foods. You might start with wood-fired bruschetta, then present a main dish of roasted chicken wrapped in pancetta and roasted mushrooms. Finish with wood-fired homemade biscotti. You will enjoy amazing meals like this year-round when you have this in your backyard. Besides the huge capacity and versatility of this pizza cooker, we like that this oven is all stainless steel constructed. This makes it durable, attractive and makes you feel like a professional cook. We are sure you will also get professional results from this amazing wood-fired pizza oven. This oven too comes assembled. So you can just get on to cooking as soon as you receive it 

Our most Special Black Beauty has a classic and streamlined look that will work well in a variety of backyards and outdoor cook spaces. Like all our wood ovens, it’s ideal for roasting, cooking pizzas, or a variety of other wood-fired foods. Your friends and family will gather around with plates held high as they wait for food to come off this beautiful stove.

Cooking in a wood-fired oven is similar to cooking in a regular oven. Here, however, you use wood to fire your oven and you can heat the oven to up to 500°C. These wood ovens also stay hot for a long time, proof that these oven pizzas are not only heat-tight but constructed with only the high quality craftsmanship that we are proud of.

Best of all, this oven (like all our wood-fire pizza ovens at Outback Pizza Ovens) comes to you assembled. Not everyone enjoys the DIY aspect of putting their wood-fired pizza oven together themselves, so we take care of that for you. You won’t have to wait a minute to fire this oven up. Cook Perth pizzas and other goodies and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Our 2012 line of modern and traditional wood fired pizza ovens have been engineered for the ultimate cooking experience for amazing flavour. They are also designed to last a lifetime. Our pizza ovens heat up faster, hold heat for a longer period of time, more durable than ever before and are delivered anywhere within Australia.

In addition to that you can get Top Pizza Oven Recipes from our Website. Enjoy the ambiance of Oven Pizzas and turn eating into a real event. Relax and have a quiet drink after the guests leave for their home. What could be more peaceful than staring into those dying cinders as the stars dance above your head?

When it comes to fairly different for your backyard outdoor kitchen and barbecue centers, another novel product that an expert landscaper can recommend you is a wood fired pizza oven.

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