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  • Published July 23, 2012
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It’s that time of year again, get out the grills and get ready for BBQ season. There are many different ways that people Barbeque. Here are some tips that you can use for when grilling out

and having family and friends over for a cookout. If you want to produce the perfect product which

includes mouth watering BBQ chicken, brisket and pork, there are four important factors in Barbequing. They are the meat, the method, the flavors and the smoke.

The right way to grilling is what is right for you and the only way to get good at anything

is the famous saying practice makes perfect. The first thing you need to do is purchase a Barbeque.

There are many barbeques that range from $30- $2000, just depends on how fancy you want to get.

When getting a barbeque you want to consider these simple things. The space you have for one

whether it is a big yard, get a large barbeque or a small space and get the smallest one possible. The second thing you need to do is consider the number of people you cook for regularly and you need to figure out the portions of food you will cook on your grill. If you want to have cookouts with family and friends all summer you need to consider a larger grill to put enough food to accommodate everyone. Also when it comes to grilling out you need to take into consideration if you want shelves and a workstation. It could make things easier to have a place to hold your meat and utensils and seasonings. The last thing to think about it how often you will use it, if it is just for the holidays then you might want

to go for the cheaper route since it once be used that much.

Once you have the grill and starts grilling you want it to be clean every time. You don’t want the taste of fish on you steak. The best time to clean the grill is right after you get done cooking and use a wire brush to get off all residues. Before you start grilling you want to put a little bit of vegetable oil on the grill so that your food doesn’t stick. Another good tip for grilling is when you begin a lot of people like to turn up the heat right before they put food on and that is wrong, you want to heat

up the grill 15-30 minutes before you start cooking your amazing food your about to make. You also want to have all your seasonings and utensils right beside you so you’re not running back and forth to the kitchen. Also just in case things get out of hand and a flare up happens have a bottle of water nearby to put out unwanted flames.

When it comes to preparing you food for the grill, there are many different ways to do so. It can be your family’s recipe or a sense of chef you have and try out different spices. Here are some ideas that can also help when it comes to preparing you meat for the grill. If you are going to grill a steak you might want to cut off any extra fat and put a pinch of salt and pepper on it and maybe add some steak seasoning before putting it on the grill. When cooking chicken you might consider putting it in the oven or microwave to cut down on cooking time and browning of the chicken. And when it comes to fish

one of my favorite things to do is to put it in a zip lock bag and add some olive oil and some herbs you like before grilling it. When you are grilling any kind of meat you want to keep to the cookbook guidelines when it comes to how long you leave it on the grill. Don’t forget to have your cooking utensils such as long handed tongs, spatula, and fork and grill cleaner.

Everyone has their own techniques when it comes to grilling by use of their family recipes, tools, and marinades. Hopefully some of these will help you for this upcoming Barbeque season.

Nothing is better than spending time with family and friends while grilling out in the backyard having some amazing barbeque meals. Happy Grilling everyone!

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