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  • Author Pat Jackson
  • Published September 10, 2012
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Reliving what you loved in your childhood, those fond memories of carnivals and fairs, and really getting back to that time of innocence and youth is usually about having or doing something that you loved back then. This can come in many different forms, all depending on what you enjoyed as a child, but there are a few things that many children had in common.

Going to a carnival or fair was one of them and, when there, they usually ate the food that they still love today. One of these foods is a corn dog! Even today, many of the adults who loved it when they were young still enjoy having one because it brings them back to their youth, while also being very tasty. Of course, if they want one today, they will usually have to go to a carnival for a good one, which can be difficult.

Those who do not want to go through that hassle or buy frozen ones do have the perfect option, though! You can make your own at home and it is simple to do! From making the corn dog batter to frying them up, you will have your corn dogs ready quickly.

Making the corn dog batter is, obviously, the first step when making your own corn dogs. Without it, you are just frying a corn dog plain, which is not going to taste like you imagine a corn dog would. If you do not know exactly how to make the batter then you can rely on recipes. There are some very interesting and tasty recipes available for every person to look into, as well as being easy.

Corn dogs in general are easy to make so you will not find many recipes out there that are near impossible to deal with. Some are even creative about flavoring the batter, which really makes something you can enjoy. The different additions available allow you the ability to take what you love and change it into something else. Make your childhood treat something to fit your adult taste or just play with what you enjoy a little; it can really pay off in the end.

Whether you want normal corn dog batter or something a tad bit more adventurous, the way it is made is usually the same. You take your ingredients and mix them in a bowl until you have a nice and smooth batter to dip your hot dogs into, which should come after you dip them in the flour. If the corn dog batter is normal, you already know how it will taste after fried, but if you added something to it then it can become an adventure in itself to taste this new treat.

It will be as if you are a child again, tasting a corn dog for the first time. Recipes are easy so, if it did not turn out to your liking, you can always scrap what you currently have and try again. Make it until you are happy with what you have!

There are some very interesting and tasty recipes using corn dog batter that is available for every person to look into, as well as being easy.

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