The Health Benefits And Effects Of Whole Coffee Beans

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  • Author Sl Groezinger
  • Published September 19, 2012
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For over thousands of years now, coffee has been identified to stimulate talkativeness, alertness, activeness and creativity. It is one of the most in demand drinks and you can simply prove it by means of the growing numbers of coffee establishments sprouting all over the world. Whole coffee beans are seeds of a coffee plant. It is the kernel inside the violet and red fruit called cherry.

There have been lots of health studies that revealed how drinking coffee affects human beings. Coffee contains numerous compounds which affect the person’s body chemistry. It is consists of substances which are gentle psychotropics for individuals as defense mechanism. However, these chemicals are poisonous if taken in high doses, or even in their usual quantity if drank or eaten by people. Coffee has caffeine – a stimulant.

Moreover, there was a research which discovered that coffee has more stimulating effects which are not connected to its caffeine content. It contains unidentified substance that enhances the production of the two stimulating hormones – the adrenaline and cortisone.

Drinking coffee results in several health benefits which other beverages cannot give and they are the following:

  1. Some studies found out that those who drank more coffee have fewer chances to acquire Alzheimer’s disease in their advancing years and had a reduced threat of developing dementia. 

  2. Caffeinated coffee intake results to a lower incidence of disease on gallstones and gallbladder in both male and female.

  3. Coffee minimizes the risk of diabetes but researchers have not proven yet why it has this effect.

  4. Coffee drinkers lower the possibility of developing Parkinson disease at about eighty percent (80 %) because of its caffeine component.

  5. The caffeine content in whole coffee beans helps to boost emotions and sharpens the mentality.

  6. It also cures headaches because of caffeine.

  7. It contains large quantity of antioxidants which help to control the damage to body cells.

Eating or drinking the coffee is the easiest way of permitting caffeine to penetrate the bloodstream and can have harmful results it taken in huge doses and on a regular basis. The following are the effects of coffee.

  1. Coffee has high level of acidity which can lead to abdominal pains.

  2. Caffeine makes you think that you have more energy, as a result you are going experience hot flashes and you will sense that you have to burn it off. Hence, the body breaks down because it feels that the energy level is low.

3.When too many coffee beans are consumed by the body, the lack of ability to perform normal tasks can occur, thus the loss of motor capacity. You can easily experience overdose because of its high caffeine content.

  1. Incidence of inability, nausea, exhaustion, fever and fatigue can arise when too much caffeine was taken by the body.

  2. Individuals who are not a coffee drinker but with risk issues for heart disease may possibly increase the possibility of heart attack if they consumed a large amount coffee.

These are just some of the health benefits and other effects of intake of whole coffee beans.

Drinking a cup of java from whole coffee beans will add quality taste to your cup of coffee. Buy whole coffee beans for the best cup of morning brew.

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