7 Perks That Silicone Bakeware Will Bring To Your Kitchen

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  • Author John Gerard
  • Published November 1, 2014
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A silicone mat for cooking offers many benefits. Here are the 7 most significant advantages you will enjoy when you have this type of bakeware in your kitchen.

  1. Light-weight.

Silicone is a lightweight product. Non-stick silicone sheet liners can be rolled up for simple storage, a definite benefit over other types of bakeware. The weight is a fraction of the weight of a cookie sheet or other cooking pan, also when you consider it to aluminum or other lightweight products.

  1. Resilient.

Even though it is lightweight, silicone is considerably heavy duty. You can presume a Simplicity baking mat, one of the much better brands, to last for years … for countless uses at regular oven temperatures. The material is stain-resistant too. If you’re like most people, you usually want to replace items when they become discolored, even though they are still functional. A Silicone baking mat might discolor somewhat over the years but evident stains are unusual. This is mainly because nothing at all sticks to it, the next significant advantage.


We have definitely all seen pans that are supposed to be non-stick but when the cookies are done, they do not glide right off of the pan. Some sticking is virtually inevitable. This is not the scenario with a silicone baking mat. The product is truly non-stick. Non-stick silicone sheet liners for sizable cooking pans were generally created actually for professional chefs to use because they allowed them to cook batch after batch without spending time on clean-up.

  1. Microwave oven Safe.

Few materials are oven and microwave safe. Silicone is one of minority. If you only used your Simplicity Baking mat in the microwave, it would quite likely last a life time. Microwave oven rays have absolutely no effect on the material.

  1. Dishwashing machine Secure.

We all would prefer cookware that is dishwasher safe. The Simplicity baking mat can be positioned in the dishwasher on the top rack. Obviously, the mats are so simple to wash you might actually not feel the need to place them in the dishwasher whatsoever. Washing with comfortable soapy water then rinsing is all you absolutely need to do.

  1. Economical.

If you cook a great deal, you most likely spend a great deal of money on throw away parchment paper, bakery release paper and waxed paper. And then you spend more money on grease, shortening, oil, flour and oil cooking sprayers and other non-stick sprays. You don’t need to buy any of those elements ever again. Once you possess a great silicone mat in your kitchen, you can easily bake without having buying any of the disposable papers and that renders it an environmentally friendly choice too. You won’t have to purchase grease or oil to prevent sticking and that makes things better for your health.


An additional health advantage is that silicone is actually non-toxic. The exact same can not be said for non-stick coatings like Teflon. Ultimately those coatings will wear off and the toxins get inside your foods. Heating Teflon discharges harmful fumes that could make you sick. The makers certainly never told us those things. It took years for health and wellness groups to obtain the word out and many people are still uninformed.

Hardly ever do you discover a product with many advantages. These 7 are sufficient to convince most folks, but as you use your silicone mat, you will most likely find more advantages, especially if you choose Simplicity Baking Mat.

Dragon Bakeware was created in 2013 in that period we have created and designed Simplicity Baking Mats. Our motto is, Tough Enough for a Dragon, Tough Enough for Baking. This simplify’s the baking method for everyone.

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