Natale Italiano– or Christmas D.O.P. In Simon and Alessandr…

Natale Italiano– or Christmas D.O.P. In Simon and Alessandro’s Crazy Style!
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Many little towns and towns in Italy have a society of Nonnas (Italian for Grandmother) who are the matriarchs of the town, accountable for passing down their cooking understanding to all the young individuals, so that they will ultimately be able to make all pasta as well as the Nonnas… Simon was intent on providing everybody 100g (his procedure, i.e. a rough handful) of 00 flour, an egg and a pinch of salt then knead it together with your fingers, whereas Nonna Pina– although she can not speak a word of English, handled to communicate that there was NO WAY we were making it Simon’s method, HER method was 200g of flour, 2 eggs and NO salt, and whatever was weighed to the last gram on really precise scales. We required pail loads of tortellini for the broth, and this is made by rolling out the pasta dough so very finely that you can see the table through it– an elegant art kind in itself, tried by all, and Linda was most certainly a student Nonna, everybody else could not get the slap and twist motion required to stop the dough from sticking to the pin/table. Niamh arranged a cool activity where Sue paired everybody up and we had to make fresh chocolate truffles to put in a cracker as a getting and providing present for our partner. All cleaned down with craft beers and lagers from the UK, Prossecco and Italian vino and a ‘blast from the past’ Lambrusco, which will definitely make a come back in the extremely near future.

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