These cooking pots are best because they are both healthy and non-toxic

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  • Author Sachin Sharma
  • Published October 21, 2020
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When looking for pots to cook your food, what is on the top of your list? Are you looking for something that’s light to carry around, easy to cook with, made with colors that match your kitchen counter or your stove? How about things such as healthy and non-toxic, does that sound like something you may be interested in finding out about? Of course, you will not compromise the health of your family for pots that have all other features except being healthy and non-toxic. Therefore, it is wise to choose a cooking pot that does its job of first cooking healthy food! This begs the next important question: which one is healthy and non-toxic?

What makes a pot healthy and non-toxic?

It primarily depends on the raw material it’s made from. If the raw material is reactive (like metals), toxic and unhealthy, it just can’t make a healthy pot for cooking. Unfortunately, most conventional materials like metals, their alloys and chemical laden ceramics are toxic and are contaminating food cooking in them. On the other hand, an all-natural material that lost its popularity after ‘modernization’, is still happens to be the only one that’s 100% non-toxic. Our ancestors trusted it for centuries and our generation but we who switched to modern materials are paying the price in compromised health! You might have guessed it by now, we are talking about clay cookware. But not just any clay, only pure and natural unglazed primary clay (or pure clay).

Choosing a 100% non-toxic pot is a great start but the next thing to look for is equally important: how does your cookware handle nutrients? While pots radiating harsh near infrared heat (metals, alloys, ceramics etc.) destroy nutrients while cooking, pure clay pots once again come to the rescue. They radiate unique far infrared heat that cook’s food gently by penetrating deep into each particle but without destroying nutritional cells.

It is impossible to talk about healthy and non-toxic cooking pots without talking about MEC! Yes, we are talking about Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a US based pioneering company that makes pots and pans without using chemicals, glazes, enamels, or any additives. Their ergonomically designed and individually handcrafted pots and pans have another exclusive health feature to offer – they can preserve steam (water soluble nutrients). The steam rising from food touches the inner side of the lid that stays cooler than rest of the pot, condenses and keeps falling back into food.

Thus, food cooked in MEC is 100% non-toxic, rich in nutrients and tastes delicious. And this is exactly what makes them the best!

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