This eco-friendly Cookware brand is great if you are looking for 100% “green” pots and pans

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  • Author Sachin Sharma
  • Published December 22, 2020
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Imagine a beautiful afternoon where you have planned a delicious and healthy lunch with your family. You take a quick ride to the farmers market to buy all the fresh, organic, locally grown ingredients so nothing ‘toxic’ comes between you and your family enjoying a nutritious lunch together. You head home and pick up your favorite metal cookware to cook these wisely chosen ingredients healthfully, but wait, is it the right way to do it?

Why metals and ceramics can never be “green”?

Metals are innately reactive and leach while cooking. They react to nutrients in food and contaminate it. As a result, even the healthiest ingredients lose their nutritional value and become toxic to the body. But this is not all, metal pots and pans are equally detrimental to the planet.

Mining and extraction of metals call for massive deforestation and pollute air, water, and land by releasing toxic waste. The health issues caused to people working in the mines and processing plants are evident of how toxic metals can be. Everything from procuring raw material to putting the finished cookware on the shelves requires tremendous amounts of energy — another huge burden on already depleting non-renewable sources of energy.

And ceramic cookware is no different for it is laden with chemicals containing ‘metal’ oxides. Lastly, disposing off metals without affecting the environment is a great challenge. For these reasons, any metal or ceramic cookware labelled ‘green’ is only misleading the customers.

How “Miriams Earthen Cookware” makes truly green cookware?

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US based pioneering brand that is known for their pure clay cookware handmade without additives or glazes. The All-Natural raw material, pure clay is harvested from earth’s crust and shaped into cooking pots and pans without using any chemicals or additives that may affect the health of the environment. MEC sells these pots and pans through their online store and the packaging uses 100% green material and finally, they ship carbon-neutral to all parts of the world.

It is obvious from their ways that they are serious about keeping the planet “green” while delivering high quality healthy cookware to people. And just imagine, what difference can it make to the planet’s health if everyone switches to a green cookware?

Interested in doing your bit in making this planet a little greener? Head over to MEC Store [] and order a pot today!

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