Caribbean Foods – What Makes it Special?

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  • Published July 4, 2011
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The sea, sun and sand make the Caribbean a popular tourist destination. But aside from the beautiful weather, the amazing landscape and the total Caribbean experience, Caribbean food is unique and appetizing. There is just something about that great spicy Caribbean flavor!

Caribbean food is renowned around the world for its unique blend of flavors and spices. While the origins of most Caribbean Recipes are attributed to other cultures introducing the basic elements or spices and produce to the islands, the reality is that once on the islands, the locals had to adapt their recipes to suit the local seafood, meat sources and vegetables available.

Many top chefs visit the place and experience the taste of Caribbean Cuisines and Recipes. In addition, the islands also offer finest restaurants that serves inexpensive foods and wines towards local residents and the visitors.

Caribbean and African Food Recipes are very interesting to me because they are usually a blend of European, African and Asian ingredients. Caribbean food history is intricately linked to the slave trade, and as a result, many foods were transplanted to the Caribbean Islands for the African slaves. With time, slavery was abolished, and instead, indentured servants from India and China were transported to the Caribbeans for additional labor. The end result is that many traditional Caribbean Foods have influences from countries all over the world.

The Carib Indians added more spice to their food with hot pepper sauces, and also added lemon and lime juice to their meat and fish recipes. The Caribs are said to have made the first pepper pot stew. No recipes exist since every time the Indians made the dish, they would always add new ingredients. The Carib had a big impact on early Caribbean history, and the Caribbean sea was named after this tribe.

When you are cooking Caribbean Recipes it is essential that fresh ingredients are used every time. Some spices, of course, will come dried and prepackaged, such as curry, sauces, seasonings, essences, salts, and oils to name a few. The main ingredients in Caribbean foods must be fresh to truly get the essence of the Caribbean Recipes or Cuisines.

Jerk Chicken is the one of the most popular dishes of Caribbean. This ever popular Jamaican dish gets its name from the use of jerk sauce in the preparation of chicken. Whole chicken or chicken breast are grilled or barbequed after they are marinated in jerk sauce for over 12 hours. The spicy flavor is worth tasting.

There are many common forms of spices used in Caribbean cooking but the trick is that though you will recognize flavors as a familiar taste the cooking will be subtle enough to feel unique to your taste buds.

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