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  • Author Rohini Khanna
  • Published August 3, 2011
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Are you the sort of person who needs to know the carb content of a food item before you let it enter your mouth? Do lay awake at night worrying about your cholesterol consumption?

If you are a self- confessed health freak, then you’ve probably kept away from delicious spicy curries and other Indian food recipes? After all, a health conscious person is more likely to go in for a Japanese dish like sushi which is low in fat and rich in vitamins.

Well, you need no longer stay afar from those mouth -watering traditional recipes from India like butter chicken and dum aloo? There are numerous health benefits to Indian cuisine. One of the key ingredients in Indian food recipes is the bright yellow spice turmeric which is a member of the ginger family.

It has been scientifically proven that turmeric helps in preventing heart failure. The Daily Mail recently published a report which showcased the preventive power of turmeric over hear diseases based on a study carried out by scientists on mice.

Tumeric is also supposed to be good for the liver and acts as a cure against arthritis. The compound known as “curcumin” within turmeric is the reason for its preventive properties. A study conducted at the University of California has shown that turmeric can be used in fighting Alzheimer’s disease.

Other components of Indian food recipes include garlic, pulses, green leafy vegetables, beans and yoghurt. These ingredients are useful in balancing blood sugar levels. Bacteria in yoghurt helps to regulate insulin levels.

Another Indian favorite chili also helps in keeping a person’s insulin levels in check. This was proven by research carried out by the University of Tasmania in 2006. Thus, traditional Indian recipes like raita can work as a cure against diabetes.

Indian cuisine is not just made up of easy recipes that are a feast for all the senses. They also have nutritional value. The next time you are tempted with the delectable aroma of an Indian curry, do not resist it. You can get a good night’s sleep, knowing that you have eaten food that is very healthy.

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