Cajun Microwave Hog Roasting

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  • Author Mat Masters
  • Published August 23, 2011
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Before getting started, it is important to make sure your pig is prepared for the task at hand! Make sure it has been butter flied so that it fits securely been the stainless steel racks that go inside your pig roaster. Once this is done you are ready to season the hog with your choice of injectable marinades, dry rubs, and sauces. If injecting, do so every two to three inches and allow marinating overnight for premium results. Once your racks have been secured around the pig with the S-hooks and placed in the hog roaster (also called a “caja china”) you are ready to seal the box and add charcoal. Begin with 12-14 lbs. of fresh charcoal for hog roasts of 50 lbs. or more, with slightly less being an option on smaller pigs and suckling pig roasts. Start with the charcoal (or wood) piled together to promote even spreading of the heat. After about 20 minutes you’re ready to spread the coals evenly over your Cajun microwave.

Now your cooking time begins. About 10 lbs. of fresh charcoal will need to be added after each hour. This will take place two or three times depending on the size of the hog, and the heat within the roasting box. At this point you are ready to remove the top tray and charcoal grill, empty the ashes, and proceed to flip the pig skin side up. I like to make cross cuts into the skin in the shape of an “x” to promote crisping and allow excess fat to be rendered. Once the skin is prepared you can add salt or any additional marinades, then re-seal the box. Add a last batch of fresh coal and allow cooking for 30-45 minutes. At this point the skin should be bronzed and crispy. When it is, you have just grilled some of the best pork your friends and family have ever tasted! Allow a few minutes to cool, then carve and serve! Cajun microwaves are growing rapidly in popularity, and are in my opinion the absolute best, most mouth-watering means of preparing pork that exists today!

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