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  • Published September 18, 2011
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You can enjoy making Pizza at home and the process of making it at home is now easier like never before. There are a lot of grocery stores who sell readymade pizza crust which makes making pizza even easier. It’s not important for you to be a good cook to make a pizza; you can go through various articles and read few books. My personal favorite is Bobby Flay Pizza recipe. Bobby Flay Pizza recipe is easy for starters as well and it makes you save a lot of money which you spent on ordering pizza from various restaurants instead you can have more fun my making one of your own and enjoy it with your family and friends.

You can try following tips before you get started-

  1. Before making a pizza, it is important that you always preheat your oven before baking your pizza.

  2. When baking a pizza, keep this mind that a simple two-topping pizza in a 12 inch diameter pizza pan bakes evenly and thoroughly at about 400 degrees on the center rack in your oven.

  3. You need to always place your pan in the center of the oven rack to make sure it bakes properly.

  4. To protect yourself from any kind of danger, always use oven mitts or gloves when handling hot pizza pans.

  5. Ones you are done with that, you can lay your hot pizza pan on a flat surface for even and easy cutting. After that, lay it on a large wooden board, or an opened large dish towel.

  6. To make sure that you are done with your pizza, you can check it by seeing if the cheese is melted, and if it is beginning to become golden brown. The edge of the crust should be medium golden brown, and when you lift the bottom edge of the crust the dough should look evenly browned.

  7. When you buy a readymade pizza base, you will notice that it is usually bland dough, so you can spice it up by sprinkling on your desired seasons, you can choose from Italian seasonings, garlic powder, Creole seasonings or sesame seeds. You can infuse your favorite ethnic tastes by sprinkling your favorite spices on the rolled dough.

  8. Ones you complete it, brush your pizza baking pan with a little olive oil so the pizza doesn’t stick. The crust will also pick up some of the olive oil flavor.

  9. You can also lightly dust your tabletop or a large cutting board with a little flour. This is where you will roll out your dough. Rolling your dough puts the control of the desired pizza thickness in your hands. Roll dough from the center outwards so the dough spreads evenly.

  10. After that you can place the rolled dough into your pizza pan and usually the dough should be a little bigger than your pan and you can use a knife to cut the excess or else use your thumbs to curl and roll the extra dough inward to create a thicker crust.

  11. You can make use of a toothpick to poke several little holes along the crust. This keeps your pizza crust from bubbling up in one section. The air will pass evenly while baking.

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