Tidying Up After a Summer Barbecue

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  • Author Lourie Day
  • Published September 23, 2011
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Now that the mercury is topping out above 90-degrees Fahrenheit, everyone is enjoying the seasonal delights of summer barbecues. But like any get-together, barbecues are a homeowner’s best friend and a maids nightmare. Hamburgers and hotdogs are topped with colorful condiments like ketchup and mustard that can smear all over furniture. Popsicles and frozen treats melt and leave trails of sticky liquid all over the floors. And guests traipse pool water, grass and all other sorts of outdoor debris throughout your house.

If your house cleaning service doesn’t come for a few days after your outdoor fiesta, follow these tips to clean it up in a cinch. First, think proactively before the party even starts. Place mats at the entrances guests will use, which will trap a large amount of dirt and debris before it enters your home. You can also set up tents and umbrellas so that guests can eat outside no matter what the weather may have in store. Place drinks and condiments outside to prevent indoor spills, and use disposable plastic tablecloths to catch any drips.

After the party, begin with the floors and work your way up. Clean a small area at a time, and tell your family and any visitors if a floor is wet. Since you’ll be looking for spots and drips, rather than an overall cleaning, it’s a good idea to use an all-purpose cleaner and a rag rather than a mop to wipe up after a party. During the summer months in New Jersey, condensation can accumulate on cold hardwood floors and make them extremely slippery. Once you’ve finished cleaning, wipe the floors with a dry towel to remove any last bits of liquid.

Next, tackle doors and doorknobs. Guests (especially young ones) are likely to transfer sticky residue to handles, and it can go unnoticed for several days, attracting insects and pests. You may also need to wipe cabinetry in the same manner, particularly those located in the kitchen or bathroom. Clean the rest of these areas as you normally would; the key is in paying attention to spots that partygoers might touch or contact.

To clean up outdoors, remove any delicate or valuable items from the patio or deck. Once secure, spray the entire outdoor area with a garden hose. Be sure to aim the water away from the house. This will help dissolve any food or sugary spills and prevent pests from tracking into your home. If necessary, use an eco-friendly outdoor solvent to clean troublesome areas. For glass or plastic patio furniture, you can also use an all-purpose cleaner and rags to remove glass rings or food residue.

Though they’re a beast to prepare for, barbecues are a lot of fun during the warm summer months. But don’t let the clean-up scare you; think like your maids whom you hire for house cleaning service, and before you know it, the entire house will be back to its normal spotless self. So, fire up the grill and sip a summery cocktail; it’s bound to be a great time!

Barbecue can be home owners best option to enjoy the grilled food but mess left after that needs to be cleaned by the expert maids team. Let’s learn some basic of doing it some of the house cleaning service on your own.

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