Pizzelle Recipe – Switch These 2 Ingredients To Create A New Pizzelle Recipe

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  • Published September 29, 2011
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One of the charms of a pizzelle recipe is that it is pretty simple. This allows you to change it around as you want to. So if you typically make vanilla pizzelle but have been in the mood for something different, you can do so without having to hunt for a new recipe.

The next time you want something else, put down the cookbooks and recipe files. Instead, switch out one or both ingredients listed below to create a new pizzelle flavor that is uniquely yours.

Flavoring Oil –Flavoring oils, very concentrated edible oils, can be found in well-stocked grocery stores. You can also find them the candy making department in craft stores, or online through retailers that sell speciality and gourmet ingredients. You can probably find your favorite flavor among them, including orange, raspberry, hazelnut, anise, or cinnamon. Many Italian cookies, including pizzelle, use anise oil in the recipe. But if you do not like this oil’s licorice taste, then it is not difficult to find another oil that will work well.

Flavoring oil, while an enhancement to the recipe, is not a crucial ingredient in a pizzelle recipe. If a vanilla cookie is all you really want, then you can leave this oil out. It will not affect the pizzelle recipe’s texture.

Extracts –A lot of times, a pizzelle recipe includes vanilla extract. While the flavoring oil is optional, vanilla extract is not, so changing the cookie recipe does not involve omitting the extract.

But you can substitute another flavor of extract for the vanilla, instead. This is especially good for when you don’t have a oil in the flavor you want. This also works as a great solution when you don’t have a source for finding the oils or you ran out unexpectedly. Many different flavors are available at the grocery store or online, and they can really create a different cookie just with this simple change. For non-traditional pizzelle flavors, look for unusual extracts such as coconut or banana. Chocolate extract is also available for those who prefer a chocolate cookie.

Finally, if you want something that is really new and different, combine a new flavor oil with a different extract flavor. Experiment with them and discover which ones are your favorite. You might become famous at gatherings because of your specialty chocolate hazelnut or cinnamon orange pizzelle. Be imaginative and come up with your own creations.

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