Using The Best Corporate Hospitality Catering for your 2012 Olympics

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  • Author Sara Allom
  • Published November 4, 2011
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There are hundreds of corporate events caterers in the UK, and a huge variety of services offered by them. Some outside caterers may just supply fresh sandwiches, salads and cakes for lunches in the office or at offsite meetings. Other companies specialise in director’s lunches, in offices or headquarters. And even more high end corporate hospitality caterers design and deliver every aspect of glamorous canapé receptions, lavish five course banquets, and cool corporate garden parties, all aimed at wowing clients and colleagues alike.

Of course these companies are currently in the throes of their busiest period ever – pitching for, tendering for and planning and organising their schedules for London 2012. As the biggest sporting event in the world comes to our fair city in under one year from now, these companies have to survive stiff competition, incredible creativity and cutting edge logistical expertise in order to make the grade.

The best corporate hospitality caterers and outside catering companies are of course those who can deliver everything from one end of the catering spectrum to the other – a delicious freshly toasted sandwich for a clients’ driver and personal assistant? Stunning cocktail bars in designer marquees or stadium-side press centres? Easily done. The finest vintage champagnes, the most incredible caviars, the freshest oysters and the rarest cuts of Kobe beef? All possible if your corporate organisation can afford it!

But with events like the Olympics, the corporate events caterers and hospitality companies that really win the biggest jobs going are those who stand out from the pack – those whose ideas and creativity are likely to induce a ‘wow factor’ with the world’s sporting fans. Whilst a superb plate of good old Cockney pie and mash will be a certain hit at some tables, the ideas behind service, presentation, and of course menu design will be a real decider too.

The very best corporate event catering companies – such as Rocket, Urban Caprice, Moving Menu and “rhubarb” – can make every corporate hospitality and outside catering event a real theatrical production, with the best glasses and china, served by the most professional uniformed and corporate logo-ed staff, and of course the best, freshest and most seasonal food, served in the most stunning ways. What about roving oyster shuckers, traversing your guests to bring them fresh oysters with shallot vinegar and muslin shrouded lemons? Or how about ice cream counters making mini knickerbockerglories to order? Or sashimi bars filled with towering platters of the finest fresh fish and seafood?

Of course on the other side of the bar or dining table, are the guests. And the companies who employ them. If you work in events for a big corporate company, and if your corporate events budget fits the bill, then using this kind of outside catering company during your Olympic period means you can be sure your business strikes exactly the right notes while the sport plays out in the pool or on the track in front of you. If you want perfectionism and professionalism, if you want to impress with attention to every little detail, if you want your corporate event catering to reflect and mirror your company’s business image and reputation, then this is the way to go!

And the Olympics aren’t just about that two week period either of course. If your event catering ensures maximum impact for your company during that time, then every single one of your guests leaves your Olympic event feeling that they have been looked after in the very best of ways. Not only will they have eaten the most fabulous food and sampled the finest wines, and seen the greatest sporting event in the world at close hand, but most importantly they will have been impressed. A truly memorable corporate event like this, with superb outside catering, can simply make or break the biggest international business deals for all the years to come.

Sara Allom discusses corporate event catering in the run up to London 2012, and more specifically the need for corporate caterers to focus on creative corporate hospitality solutions.

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