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  • Author Darcy Shaw
  • Published November 14, 2011
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Which home cook wouldn’t love to concoct delicious recipes straight from a top chef’s kitchen right in their home kitchens? With this is now possible, as famous chefs at the top of their game, from all around the world share their individual special recipes on this website. itself has more than 700 recipes dedicated to salmon of which a large number has been submitted by top chefs. These recipes are cooked daily in these chef’s kitchens and enjoyed by thousands of people around the world. Therefore these recipes come from various regions and countries and include special twists of ingredients or methods that have made these salmon recipes stand out from similar ones elsewhere in the world.

Additionally these recipes are perfect for any occasion and can be used for a grand event, a buffet style meal, a family re-union, or just a simple family dinner/snack etc. The recipes provided have been segregated according to the meal course – whether it is a starter, main meal, salad, soup, snack or savoury, the salmon portion used – whether it is fresh salmon, smoked salmon, steak, fillet, pate, mousse, whole salmon, canned salmon or the tail piece, the cooking method – whether baked, barbecued, boiled, char grilled, chilled, fried, griddled, micro waved, grilled, poached, steamed, stir fired, uncooked, pan fried or other methods, and according to the preparation time – whether it would take less than 30 minutes, between 30 minutes to one hour or more than one hour.

Having salmon recipes segregated according to these categories enable you to quickly search this vast database and pick a recipe that best suits the occasion and your need and requirement. Of course with the vast choice presented to you, all of which sound extremely appetizing and delicious, choosing just one recipe may prove to be slightly difficult!

Do not be intimidated by the fact that a vast number of recipes found on come from top chefs. Instead be encouraged that these recipes come highly recommended from some of the best in the field and industry. A popular Disney classic once pronounced that ‘anyone can cook’. Watching a star class chef twirl his knife, brandish kitchen utensils and whip up delicate salmon dishes might make you unsure of yourself and make you think you cannot cook. However with the detailed description and methodology provided in the salmon recipe on the website, there is no doubt that any determined person will be able to recreate the same dish. You might not have the cookery frills but there is nothing to stop you from adding your own individual flair to the recipe and making it your own special creation. So don’t worry, be bold, be adventurous, take up the challenge. Pick one of the salmon recipes submitted by a top chef and start cooking. Discover the top chef in you!

Darcy Shaw, a recipe collector and a recipe maker, has been in the cooking industry for a decade. You can visit for Salmon Recipes

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