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  • Published December 31, 2011
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Dear Friend,

Today many people say that pasta is the enemy of light and high fiber diet. IT IS WRONG !

Remove the pasta from your diet is wrong. Pasta is an ally of your line, intestinal function and good humor.

Yes, it’s true, pasta is a kind of natural antidepressant and then “stimulates” good humor.

It’s important not to exaggerate, a portion of 2 1/2 oz per person is good.

The pasta is rich of B vitamins and iron. It’s also low in sodium and doesn’t contain cholesterol.

The traditional Mediterranean diet confers more health benefits than current dietary patterns common in western countries.

Currently there are many diets that can be found on the internet but the Mediterranean diet is considered by most doctors in the world as the best to use.

Many false diet gurus tell you to eliminate carbohydrates and not to eat the pasta, the real secret is to eat well and in the right quantity, the pasta is the best food you can have. Do not trust people which insult the pasta, in my opinion they are stupid.

The real problem is too much sauce in the spaghetti. Too much sauce creates weight gain. If you want to eat well and healthy using the right amount of pasta and the right amount of sauce. Believe me it’s the truth.

Too much food and less sports are the main causes of obesity in most industrialized countries. Another causes is the trend to sleep less and those who spend more hours awake more often also tend to open the refrigerator and snacking outside meals. Another causes is stress, another is

that many pollutants in the environment have the ability to alter the hormonal balance and therefore the metabolism of the human body.

On cold weather the body consumes energy to produce heat, but also it’s very hot in the summer you burn calories to activate the mechanisms that govern the physiological regulation of body temperature. Radiators and air conditioners urge us to stay home with the consequence of burning less calories and be tempted to go for drinks, juices, ice cream, etc..

No one says that the guilty is the pasta. Believe me.

According to me you think it’s true what I say before.

Eat well and be happy, This is the true philosophy.

Buy the cookbook, it’s original and teaches you many things.



Alan Ferrari

Alan Ferrari is a 31 years old Italian chef. He does experience in the restaurants in Verona, Italy. Now live in Bosco Chiesanuova a small town near Verona.

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