4 Tasty Toast Recipes Using Whole Wheat Bread

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  • Author Maria Noble
  • Published January 13, 2012
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Whole wheat toast is a staple of many Canadian breakfasts for a good reason – it provides a good start to the day and is a quick, hot meal that almost anyone can make. Because it’s simple, the versatility of toast is often underrated. Here are four great ways you can turn this easy breakfast food into other quick treats.

Whole Wheat Bread For Dessert

Take your toast from breakfast to dessert with a little sugar and spice. Add a bit of butter and sprinkle with brown sugar or a light coat of jelly or hazelnut spread (anything sweet will work). Place slices into an oven and toast until just crisped. Pull them out and you’ve got a healthy whole wheat dessert option.

Cinnamon Toast

This is a classic favorite and doesn’t take long to make. Butter the slice as normal, but sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar before toasting. The cinnamon, sugar and butter will melt together creating a perfect, fast treat that can be enjoyed at breakfast or as a snack. This recipe also keeps well throughout the day, so pack it for kids to enjoy a healthy sweet treat with lunch.

French Toast

There are hundreds of different recipes for this classic breakfast dish. While specifics may vary, the basics are universal. First, create the batter you intend to use. Batters may be made with a specific flavoring (i.e. chocolate, or cinnamon) or they may simply be plain to allow for another flavoring after the cooking process. The batter can also contain small things, such as nuts or chocolate morsels, which would be cooked onto the slice. Once the batter is prepared, dip a slice into it and then place the slice into the pan. Cook thoroughly, repeating with as many slices as you like. There are many different toppings that can compliment this recipe after the bread itself has been cooked. Syrup is traditional; many people also enjoy fruit, chocolate sauce, and much more. This is a great recipe to experiment with on your own. What will your family’s favorite be?

Garlic Bread

A great twist on the traditional toast and a delicious complement to any dinner. The secret is in the garlic butter and applying it cold so that it melts perfectly into the slice during baking. Finely mince some garlic and mash it together with softened (but not melted) butter. Once everything is thoroughly mixed, spoon a small amount on the slices of whole wheat bread. Make sure the mixture covers the slice, but isn’t too thick. Finally, wrap the slices in tin foil to prevent burning during baking.

Toast isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Dress up any meal with one of these delicious whole wheat toast options. Your family will hardly notice they’re eating something healthy because it tastes so good!

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