Coopers Brewing Kits – Why They Make Sense, and Cents

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  • Author Drew Brown
  • Published September 19, 2011
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Coopers brewing kits are ideal for both novice and established home brewers. In this article we will show you why that is.

If you have ever thought of how you could make your own beer, or what it would be like to serve up a homemade brew to friends and family with pride, you are not alone. Many people have gone through the thought process of making their own, but fewer have actually taken it further than that, mainly in fear of taking on a complicated task. However, it really isn’t difficult at all. Making your own great tasting beer is much easier than you may have anticipated, and really comes down to simply utilizing the best home brewing kit, which would be Coopers Brewing Kits, in our opinion.

First, we will dive into a little history on Coopers and how they came to producing Coopers brewing kits for DIY brewers. Coopers was actually developed through a mistaken mixture, not through a dream as you might have thought. In 1862, Thomas Cooper accidently developed the first batch of brew while trying to create a tonic for his wife Ann, who was ill. Coopers was created, and the brewing company evolved to perfect the process throughout the years, including the creation of Coopers brewing kits. They started to develop these in the 1980’s, and still produce them today due to their popularity. Today Coopers is still the only family owned/run beer brewery of their magnitude in Australia.

The Benefits to Utilizing Coopers Brew Kits

Let’s look into why Coopers brewing kits are so widely popular, and why so many people seek this kit for home brewing. First, they are affordable for home brewers, especially the novice who is just looking into the process and having to purchase everything upfront. Affordability has to go hand and hand with the desire of the hobby, or many people would not dive in at all. The costs of Coopers brewing kits allow for everyone the opportunity to become a home brewer.

Next is that Coopers brewing kits are also user friendly, making the choice to use them a simple one by those who are just starting out, as well as those who have been making their own beer for a long time. Who wants to generate more work and frustration for themselves by buying complicated kits, when you can by the user friendly Coopers brewing kits? The answer is simple, nobody.

Quality is always an issue to be concerned with, but not when using Coopers brewing kits. Coopers has made sure these kits are capable of generating brew which meets, and goes beyond strict quality principles. There is no need to be concerned about the quality of your homemade beer when utilizing these kits, because you simply mix, infuse, and bottle your freshly made home brew. You won’t have to sacrifice quality, or cost in your homemade beer, if you simply put your trust into Coopers brewing kits, as they have made it affordable, and filled with measures to insure quality.

Coopers brewing kits are an affordable, high quality, and complete kit to make your own homemade brew. The kits include everything necessary to produce six gallons of incredibly fresh, tasty, and all natural homemade beer with your own hands, in your own home. You won’t have to invest in heavy or expensive equipment, or maneuver through complicated instructions to get optimum results in a good quality homemade beer. All of this made possible, with a simple and inexpensive investment of Coopers brewing kits. The only thing better than this, is serving one up with a friend.

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